Master Bedroom Reveal

I’m so happy to be sharing my final master bedroom reveal with you guys! I previously shared what my room looked like and what I wanted to try and add to make it really look complete. I can’t believe that after almost two years of living in the same apartment I’m just now getting around to really calling it finished.

This reveal has been a long time coming. I found myself putting things up and taking them down, the indecisiveness in me was at an all time high (along with the amount of holes in my walls). It’s so much harder to design my own space than someone else’s.

After sharing my gallery wall a few months back, I realized that I wanted to tone it down in order to hang new artwork above my bed. Check out the photos of my complete room below and I’m sharing the 4 main changes I made to the room as well.

If you missed the before post, check it out here to get the full picture.

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Changes I made to the room:

  1. Gold curtain rod – The first thing I mentioned in my previous post was changing out the black curtain rod for this gold one that I’ve had my eye on. It was the west elm knock off and it’s pretty good considering the huge price difference. There are a few flaws in the coloration but I knew what my odds were when I was buying it! I love this change… it was so simple and carries the gold detail throughout the room.
  2. Switched out dresser hardware – This is something I didn’t mention, but it makes the most impact (I think) is the gold hardware. I switched out that basic, dark hardware that comes with the IKEA dresser and nightstands and added this gold hardware. Another easy change for under $20!
  3. Changed the art above my bed – I was getting a little sick of the baskets above my bed so I decided to search for artwork that fit the neutral boho style I was looking for. I ended up finding this geode watercolor artwork where I least expected it… Lowe’s! I now find myself checking in on their decor every now and then because it was such a good find.
  4. I modified my gallery wall – I knew I wanted to change the baskets above my bed to artwork and I didn’t want to overwhelm my walls with frames so I decided to tone down my gallery wall first. I took off most of the frames and leaned the few that I wanted to keep up on the shelf. I lowered the mirror and ta-da! The perfectly simplified gallery shelf.

Bedroom Reveal - Dresser Before and AfterPhotos by Paige Winn Photo

Most of my decor has been collected and found on sale or clearance so the links no longer exist. I’ve linked actual links below or substitutes to items that are as close as the ones I have in my room. Any questions or looking for a specific item, leave it in the comments below!

xx, Emma

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