My First Pillow Pop-Up Shop

A few weeks ago I decided to branch out and participate in a pop-up shop with my pillows here in Charlotte… You might have seen me posting about it on Instagram and Facebook but I never really talked about it much here on the blog.

I had a sweet friend from college stop by with her camera to snap some shots of my pillows and all the details and I’m so excited to share the details with y’all! Its always so hard to really showcase the fabrics and details in my pillows so I’m so glad that Alyssa from Studio AH was able to help me capture some of my favorite pillows I have in the shop right now.

If are unfamiliar with my pillow shop, you can check it out here. Did you know I make every pillow myself? The one thing that everyone who stopped by my pop-up shop asked was probably; Are the pillows handmade? Yes. And how did I learn to sew? or When did I learn to sew? And if we’re being honest… I love telling the story. But I’ll make it short today. I learned how to sew when I was very little. My dad and grandmother (my dad’s mom) are both amazing at sewing. I was the kid with my name sewn on all of my sweatshirts and a tag that said ‘Made by Grandma’ sewn into every pair of pants when I was little. My dad even owned his own business sewing commercial boat covers and business front awnings. If you asked him for something, he could make it. Just about 2 years ago I picked up sewing again and the idea for a pillow shop began. I mentioned the idea of a pillow shop a few times on the blog over the past few years, but I took some time to really perfect my skills and make sure that each pillow I make has the quality and detail that I would want to buy myself.

I go fabric shopping once or twice a month to browse and buy new fabrics at amazing prices. I love to work with linens and upholstery fabrics to get the cozy feel that you can lounge up with a pillow on the couch instead of something you have to put on the floor every time you want to sit down. Yes, I think about these things all the time.. haha! But instead of me talking for days about fabric like a nerd, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Banana Leaf Pillows Packed up for Pop-Up Shop Setting up for Pop-Up Shop White Contrasting Back Fabric on Banana Leaf Pillow Business Cards - Pillow Shop Pillow Fabrics Blue Giraffe Pillow Details Blue Giraffe Pillow Details Blush Pillows and Details for Pop Up Shop White Pillow and Banana Leaf Pillow Zipper Detail on Pillows

Photos by Studio AH

xx, Emma

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