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I have to be completely honest here, I completely missed posting May’s how to guide (whoops!) If you remember the first how to guide post sharing the details of how I planned for it all to go down, I was going to post a new how to guide each month, and by the end of 2017…. if all went as planned, you’d have a how to guide for every aspect of your home. Sounds great right? Well, I’m only human and I missed May which was supposed to be all about lamps. Boring or interesting? I’ll let you decide because here I am. Back in action…. talking about lamps.

Now I know lamps don’t sound like the most entertaining subject to talk about, but I’m hoping that you’ll maybe learn something after reading this. Or at least enjoy some pretty home decor pictures! First thing’s first… I bet you didn’t know that there are multiple parts to a lamp. Let’s start there.

Parts of a Lamp Shade

There are a few different types of lamps and lamp shades, but this is the most common type. If you’re buying the lamp base and shade separately, then this might actually come in handy. These parts are needed when your lamp base looks like it has nothing for the lamp shade to attach to. You’ll notice in the next picture that the neck of the lamp base has two prongs on either side of where the light bulb goes… see that? This is when you need a harp and a finial.

TIP: For this type of lamp, you’ll need a shade that has the metal center piece all the way at the top edge.

Parts of a Lamp Shade

If we’re being honest here, that’s really as complicated as lamps get. We all know that you can have different sizes, shapes and colors. There are floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, lava lamps, etc. I love table lamps or all shapes and sizes, I’m a true believer that they can be more of a decor piece than something you turn on every night. And I’m all about a good sizable pair of lamps for either side of your bed. Besides that, it’s all about how you style them. So now you know about how to shop for a lamp shade that will properly fit your lamp let’s move onto the pretty stuff. Styling them!

How to Guide to Lamps Styling a Lamp with Books How to Guide to Lamps Styling a Lamp - Nightstand Nightstand Styling Tips

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