The Cactus Trend is Taking Over

If you were keeping up with the trends last summer you might have noticed that there were a lot of pineapples around. I have a theory, and while it could easily go either way.. I’m thinking that the cactus trend might be taking over the pineapple’s spot. They’re so cute and adorable in any shape or form. Whether it’s clothing or home decor, you’re bound to find something cactus themed that is fit for you this summer! I’ve rounded up my favorite cactus decor items (and a few entertaining musts) and you’re going to want one of everything!

Cactus Decor Trend

Photos by Paige Winn Photo


Is the cactus the new pineapple?? Maybe? I’m not quite sure but I’ll tell you what I do know though… I think they’ll be as popular as the pineapple if not more. Oh, and I’ll take one of everything please.

xx, Emma

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