8 Ways I’ve Styled Faux Plants in my Home

Alright so I’m sure you know by now how much I love faux plants. I’ve hopped on the bandwagon, I may or may not be driving the train… and I’m not looking back. I even have proof that I’m obsessed. And today might prove that I’m becoming a crazy plant lady but I’m happy to share if it’s for a good cause. Here’s how I’ve styled faux plants around my home!

How to Guide - styling faux plants

ONE | My faux monstera leaf plant sits behind my sofa on a console table.

TWO | This mix of faux succulents sits in a round concrete vase that kind of looks like a dinosaur egg. I paired it with my DIY plant hanger and it hangs from the ceiling in my bedroom. (TBD whether I’m going to move it soon)

THREE | This trailing succulent sits pretty on my bookshelf in my living room. I love the way it cascades down a stack of books so naturally. (get it here)

FOUR | My boxwood plant sits on the shelves above my desk. I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines when I was styling these shelves and I love the touch of green this boxwood adds.

FIVE | This plant had the closest resemblance to the leaves of a fiddle leaf fig tree and I knew I just had to have it… only thing is, I hated the base it came with. My solution: I clipped the stems right off the base and put them in this marble vase that I found. Perfect combination!

SIX | I put this faux spider plant outside on my covered patio to add some greenery to the space… (I’m thinking of moving up to a real plant this year and giving it a shot) I love the look of this faux plant on my patio! Tip: if there’s a lot of sun on your outdoor space, the sun could discolor your faux plant and cause it to fade. Keep this in mind if you are looking to use a faux plant outdoors.

SEVEN | Another splash of boxwood in my master bedroom. I love this boxwood wreath that I have sitting on a photo ledge above my TV and dresser.

EIGHT | I love this mini succulent. It’s also in a concrete planter, but it sits pretty on top of a few books on my coffee table currently. This little guy will definitely be hopping around my home when I need to re-arrange.

Have you joined the faux plant bandwagon yet? Don’t forget to check out my last how to guide on faux plants.

xx, Emma

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