How to Guide to Faux Plants

Happy Monday friends! I’m sure by now you know how much I love faux plants… I’ve been on a huge plant kick recently. They’re so easy to style and the whole no maintenance thing is a huge plus. And let’s be real, I do not have a green thumb whatsoever so the fact that I can’t kill a faux plant is perfect in my book.

Faux plants are found pretty much everywhere right now, but it’s surprising how expensive they can be if you’re on a budget. I have done plenty of searching for the best looking plants at the best prices so you can make sure to get the most for your money. Next, Faux plants are also easy to style! It’s a great way to add some greenery and color to your home whether you like an all neutral color palette (like me) or you have a little bit more color in your home. Follow the tips below for help navigating the stores and styling your new faux plants when you get home.


  • Target
  • At Home
  • Michaels (always check online for coupons!)
  • Ikea
  • Marshalls, Home Goods, etc.

TIP | Keep an eye out for vases at these stores as well. Sometimes the vases that faux greenery comes in aren’t the prettiest or won’t go with your decor… but the plant itself is perfect. I’ve been known to take a pair of scissors to the base of a plant and “replant” them in a pretty marble vase or something that will pair a little better with my space. Like this one for example!

How to Guide - faux plants How to Guide - faux plants

Photos by Paige Winn Photo


  • Top a stack of books with a small faux plant on a bookshelf or coffee table.
  • Style on a console table and pair with a lamp and some candles.
  • A small or medium sized faux plant can be placed on a dresser or nightstand with a picture frame or a small stack of books.
  • Oversized faux plants or faux fiddle leaf trees are styled perfectly in an empty corner with a basket as the holder.
  • Boxwood wreaths are the perfect addition to your door front.

How to Guide - styling faux plants

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xx, Emma

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