26 Things About Me on My 26th Birthday

Guys… I’m 26. It’s happened. If this is adult life, I think I’m alright with it (for now at least)! I’m so happy with where I am at 26. I love my job, my city, and have some pretty darn amazing friends. But let’s be real for a minute, the only big milestone at 26 is getting kicked off of my parents health care plan. So to bring some light to the daunting reality that is growing up.. I’ve pulled together a fun little post with 26 things about me! Thanks for following along with this little corner of the internet I’ve called mine for almost 4 years now!

  1. I’m originally from a (very) small town in Massachusetts and grew up in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee.
  2. I went to college at High Point University and majored in interior design with a minor in Entrepreneurship.
  3. I came up with the name Defined Designs in college for a business pitch in one of my entrepreneurship classes… I loved the name but never imagined starting a blog with it. And now here we are!
  4. I’m a huge night owl. It was fun in college but I wish I could convert to a morning person now… if anyone has any tips, lemme know!
  5. I love kitchens. I interned and worked with a kitchen and bath designer in high school which is where I fell in love with everything about kitchens.
  6. I love the mountains. I would totally pick a mountain/ lake trip instead of a beach trip any day.
  7. I hate all things seafood. Being from New England it’s a little unheard of but I’m not a fan.
  8. I LOVE Moscow Mules. I will order one whenever I have the chance, but my go-to bar drink is a classic vodka soda.
  9. I drove race cars when I was younger… I guess you could call it my sport of choice. I won most improved driver in 2007 (which is crazy to think was 10 years ago!) And my car number was 32!
  10. I love NASCAR. You probably saw in my instagrams from when I went to the Daytona 500 in February too 🙂
  11. I learned to sew when I was about 10 years old. My grandmother and my dad taught me. My dad can sew, make or repair just about anything!
  12. I’m an only child, but my aunt and uncle lived next door growing up so my cousins were basically my sisters!
  13. My first concert was NSYNC.
  14. My favorite movie is a toss up between Pretty Woman and The Wedding Date.
  15. I’m a huge country music fan. You name it, I’ve probably heard it and might even know all the words. Old, new and anything in between.
  16. I’m waiting for my hulu and netflix subscriptions to cut me off because I’m pretty sure I’ve watched everything by now. I’m addicted to tv shows.
  17. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books but I’ve been thinking about starting them soon. Don’t worry- I’ve seen all the movies though.
  18. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. It’s definitely at the top of my travel wish list.
  19. My favorite color is black and white… I always joke that my life would be perfect if my house was all white and my closet was all black.
  20. Joanna Gaines is my sprint animal. (And we share a birthday!! HBD Jo!)
  21. Flipping houses has always been a dream of mine! Maybe someday…
  22. My full-time job is in the design field too, I’m an interior designer in the student housing furniture industry and I love it! I’ve been at the same job since I graduated college almost 4 years ago now.
  23. I prefer gold over silver.
  24. I love airstream campers. My grandparents owned one when I was little and I never understood the beauty of them until the past 5 years or so.
  25. I learned to really enjoy football when I moved to Charlotte after college.. living in a city with the football stadium walking distance from your apartment will do that to you I guess! I can’t say that I understand everything just yet though..
  26. I recently started making pillows and I love it! If you missed it, check out my launch post and my Etsy shop!

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xx, Emma

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  1. 4.19.17
    Shirley A Seguin said:

    Great story Emma, you must be very proud of yourself, I know your Mom and Dad are proud of you too, me too!! I’m glad you are doing so well and are happy. You are still so cute and still have your little girl face…bet you didn’t want to hear that…lol
    Love, Great Aunt Shirley

  2. 4.20.17
    Maurine Horne said:

    Absolutely loved this Emma!! You’ve grown into a very beautiful young lady both inside and out!! I know your parents are very proud of you….they talk about you all the time!! I love hearing all the exciting things happening to you!!! Keep it up….you’re doing great!!!!

  3. 4.20.17
    Rianna Lane said:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous! And here’s your one for good luck:

    “You’re an amazing and inspiring friend who is always there through thick and thin! Anyone who gets to have you in their life is blessed!”

    Love you and love this! Xo