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Closet organization with At Home

Okay y’all know how much I love At Home. I have to start by saying this is not a sponsored post. After partnering with At Home for a variety of posts I got a handful of questions regarding what to get and how to shop there. If you’ve never been to an At Home before let me paint a picture…. Picture a building the size of Sam’s Club filled with home decor, furniture, and don’t forget everything seasonal. I can see how it could be overwhelming to someone who’s just browsing…. Which is why I’ve decided to write this post.

My hope for this post is that you’ll be able to tackle your next shopping trip with ease and be proud of your new purchases. If you saw my insta-stories whenever I went on my monthly hauls, you probably noticed how much stuff I could fit in a cart (guilty) but I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite things to buy at At Home. Let’s get started:

Fall Trends

1. Baskets – You can’t go wrong with At Home’s selection of baskets. Any color, shape, size you need… it’s there waiting for you! My local At Home has about 4 aisles to choose from and I’m pretty sure 95% of the baskets in my apartment are all from At Home.

2. Mirrors – Similar to the selection of baskets, if you need a mirror you can find it here. I personally love the selection of large and in charge “leaner” mirrors (every girl has one) and decorative mirrors… you know the ones where the actual mirror is probably really small but the frame is complete perfection.

shelf organization

3. Faux plants – My current obsession is everything faux plants. I can’t help it… they’re so easy to style and not to mention they won’t die on you! Faux plants are one of those things that you really have to sift through the selection to find what you want though! And when you like the plant but not the vase or pot, look to see if you can put them in a vase or another pot to disguise the one you don’t like. (confession: I’ve lost a few pairs of scissors trying to pry an adorable faux plant out of an ugly vase ha)

home office shelves

4. Trays & Bookshelf Decor –  Another item that’s usually about 4-6 isles with so much to choose from. You’re going to need some time to sift through these but they’re always well organized. Usually by color which is key for me. I either know I’m looking for a specific color or can easily narrow down what I’m looking for this way. Trays, vases, bookends, and even just random trinkets… you’ll find it here. Props to the At Home staff for keeping this section organized!

At Home Ottoman   staycation reading nook   Fall Decor Tips

5. Accent Furniture – Now the accent furniture is really where you can get lost. It’s typically scattered all throughout the store, so your store layout might differ from mine but once I got the hang of it I knew exactly where to go if I was looking for something specific. Side tables, vs. dining chairs, vs. ottomans. You name it, At Home most likely has it. I’ve always loved the accent furniture selection.

I could go on for hours listing all my favorite things about At Home, but this is just my top 5 (in no particular order) For all of my At Home posts, you can check them out here. If you have any questions or want to share your favorite things from At Home, I would love to hear from you!

xx, Emma

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  1. March 30, 2017 / 10:06 AM

    Great recommendations! I love the picture frames, bath towels, and kitchen items when I go to At Home.
    xo, Lee

  2. Joyce
    April 1, 2017 / 7:23 PM

    I love At Home, except for the sachets everywhere. I feel like I am high by the time I get out of there.

  3. Laura
    April 1, 2017 / 7:34 PM

    I worked at Athome store in KCMO part time for 18 months I always told friends, customers bring a drink and snack because store is huge so much to see. Hard to take in on one visit so much to see. I would tell customers if you like buy it now it won’t be there later and thats true I Miss working there and discounts is great

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