The Best Places to get Picture Frames for your Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Reveal

If you’re anything like me and you’re on a budget – you might also know that frames can get expensive. Especially when you’re buying a ton of frames to achieve the perfect gallery wall. I love sharing my tips and tricks of decor with you guys so today I’m helping you narrow down where to get all the frames you need (at a good price) for your gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Reveal

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If you’re looking to start a gallery wall and don’t know where exactly to start or what you’re looking for just yet, then start here where I’ll walk you through the initial decisions.

Same Frame Gallery Walls

  1. Crate & Barrel – Great selection of frame collections, any color or finish you’re looking for.
  2. Target – Target is seriously stepping up their game. I love their selection of white and brass frames right now.
  3. Ikea – Confession: most of my frames in my apartment are from Ikea. They’re the best price for a low budget and they have so many different sizes which is great for a gallery wall.

Mix & Match Frame Gallery Walls

  1. Home Goods, Marshalls, etc. – The best place to browse around and grab a frame or two when you’re there. They always have a huge selection, it’s just about searching to find the ones for you.
  2. World Market – I love how eclectic World Market’s frames are. You can’t go wrong as long as you’re looking for a good mix and match gallery wall
  3. Target – I know I’ve said it before, Target has stepped up their game and also has a great collection of frames that would be great for mixing and matching too!

If you missed it, you can check out my how to guide to gallery walls here. You can also check out my gallery wall in my living room and my master bedroom for some more inspiration.

xx, Emma

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