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Hey friends! This month’s how to guide is all about styling pillows. If you’ve been following along you also might know that I recently opened up an Etsy shop selling pillows – and if there’s one rule I live by, it’s definitely that you can never have enough pillows!

Today, I’m sharing a little peek into how to style pillows in your living room. Layering, sizing, mixing textures and colors you name it! Now, I had all intentions of posting this how to guide on Monday along with my usual schedule… Unfortunately the flu got the best of me this weekend and I hadn’t finished this post just yet! I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to my blog posts (quality over quantity)! But now it’s here! I was finally able to stay awake for long enough to edit this darn post for you guys. And there’s even a video – keep reading!!

Styling Pillows is all about layering:

First, start with your anchor pillows. Solid colors are best, 22 x 22 square pillows are typically the perfect size.

how to guide to styling pillows

Second, add in your first pattern (this was styled on an “L” shaped sectional). I love a funky geometric pattern. It’s easiest to stick with a main color here… you’ll add in another pop of color later. 20 x 20’s or 18 x 18’s are perfect for these pillows.

how to guide to styling pillows

Next, add your textured pillow. One pillow can be asymmetrical or a different shape and doesn’t have to be a certain size as long as its not larger than the others!

Lastly, add in your pop of color. This can be a busy pattern or something that really stands out. make sure to pull from other colors in the room or the other pillows to tie it in. I’ve pulled the blues here. This pillow should typically be what’s called a lumbar pillow (rectangle) which is longer. 16 x 26 and 16 x 20 are popular sizes.

how to guide to styling pillows how to guide to styling pillows

Photos by Paige Winn Photo

Check out the video I made below to help you with styling your pillows on your own – This is kind of a trial run for the whole video concept so I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments! I’ve got some editing to work on in the future but I’m pretty proud of my first attempt.

Check out the past How to Guides on curtains and gallery walls. Shop the pillows in this post at the Defined Designs Etsy Shop.

xx, Emma

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