How to Guide to Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall RevealGallery walls can be an intimidating project to take on. There’s so many questions that come up when you’re trying to plan out a gallery wall. What shape do I want it to be? What kind of frames do I need? Pictures or Artwork? And of course, how in the world do I tackle putting it all up on the wall without creating a mess out of your drywall. Today’s How To Guide is all about gallery walls and I’m here to help you tackle it with ease.

I like to group gallery walls into sections…. you know those quizzes you used to take in beauty magazines where everything you choose will lead you to another question until you’ve figured out your type or style. It’s helpful to think about gallery walls in steps just like those quizzes.

Gallery Wall Reveal

First Category: What shape?

  • Scattered – This scattered shape is more go with the flow, it has no boundaries and doesn’t follow a specific shape.
  • Symmetrical – This shape follows strict boundaries that fit within a specific shape. Squares and rectangles are the most popular.

Second Category: What kind of frames?

  • Similar Frames – Keeping all the same frames sticks with a nice clean and crisp look overall. Good for a modern, simple look.
  • Mixed Frames – Mixing and matching frames is a good way to express your style a little bit more. Mixed frames leans towards a little more eclectic look.

Third Category: What’s inside the frames?

  • Photos – Photos add a personal touch to your gallery wall, great for families! Also, think about color photos or black and white photos.
  • Artwork – Different artwork or typography is a great way to keep an artsy look in your gallery wall. Think of it as an inspiration board or a collection of all the things that you love and are inspired by. Almost like a collage.

Now that you have all of your main categories figured out, you’ve narrowed down the basics of your gallery wall. Hopefully this has helped you get started. Once you’ve gathered everything for your gallery wall, you should start by laying out your frames on the floor. Move them around and play with the arrangement in a similar space on the floor to see where everything works best. A big trick that I’ve found to be very helpful and foolproof with my gallery walls is similar to my trick with hanging window treatments: having a template.

PRO TIP: Using a roll of wrapping paper (I like brown paper because it’s usually thicker quality) you can trace and cut out all of our frames. Making sure to mark your nail points on the paper templates. Hang them on the wall with painters tape in the arrangement you’ve figure out on the floor. This gives you the ability to move things around before you start putting nails in the wall. It also provides you a guide for where all of your nails need to be. Nail right into the paper and take the paper off before you hang your frames! Easy hanging and stress free!

How to guide - Gallery Wall How to guide - Gallery Wall Gallery Wall Reveal

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xx, Emma

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