Accessorize Your Desk with this Easy DIY

Easy Desk DIY - Accessorize your Desk

These DIY painted dishes are SOO CUTE y’all! You’re definitely going to want to try these for yourself and don’t worry, I promise you this DIY is easy and manageable. Click through to check out how simple these are to make.

This idea came about right after the new year when I was in full on resolution mode thinking about how I wanted to get super organized this year. I’m happy to report that the whole organizing thing has been a success so far! I started by cleaning out my closet, donating a ton of old clothes and re-organizing my walk-in closet.. you might remember that post here. I moved on to getting my desk back in order and these little painted dishes are such a chic way of organizing your desk with things like push pins and paper clips. I made these in about 10 minutes (not including the bake time) and I kid you not, THEY’RE SO EASY!

What you need:

  • Small dip bowls (I used these)
  • Multi surface acrylic paint set – Make sure that this specifically says you can use it on glass and ceramics. TIP: The directions for use will note a temperature to bake at. (I used this brand)
  • Paint brushes

Easy Desk DIY

Step 1: Clean your bowls with alcohol and wipe them dry before painting. This will help the paint grab to the surface.

Easy Desk DIY - Accessorize your Desk

Step 2: Take a piece of cardboard or notebook paper and test out each of the paints to make sure you know which one you want to use. The brand I used came in a huge set of 18 colors… a little overkill for the fact that I knew I wanted to stick with a deep cobalt but it didn’t hurt to test them out!

Easy Desk DIY - Accessorize your Desk

Step 3: Paint away! I liked the look of an intentionally messy brushstroke. I scooped out a little more paint than necessary and carefully brushed my dipping bowl in the pattern I wanted. Using a little more paint on the first brushstroke helped give the streaky look I was going for. I also used a smaller brush for the edges. Basically, this is where you can do whatever your heart desires with the paint!

Step 4: Follow the directions on the back of your paint box to bake the bowls (each brand of paint will differ!) The brand I used suggested to let air dry for 21 days or bake by placing directly in the cool over and baking at 350 for 30 min. I let my bowls air dry for about 3-4 hours and then baked for 30 min. I also let them cool in the oven and took them out after they were completely cool!

Easy Desk DIY

Step 4: Fill with your office accessories and you’re good to go!

These would also be so cute as an engagement ring dish! Grab some letter stamps and stamp the bride and groom’s initials or their wedding date & send to your bride friends for a sweet gift!

Easy Desk DIY - Accessorize your Desk Easy Desk DIY

Easy Desk DIY - Accessorize your Desk

Photos by Paige Winn Photo

xx, Emma

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