Defined Designs Shop Pillow Launch

Defined Designs Pillow Launch

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Alright friends, I’m so excited for today’s post I can barely contain my excitement. This has truly been a long time coming too, if you’ve been keeping up with Defined Designs for a while now you might remember my blog birthday post where I mentioned that I was working on starting a pillow collection… well it’s about time!

I’ve been working to fine tune this entire concept for the past 2 years now (maybe even longer, I’ve lost track) and today’s post will explain all the details and information that’s in my head with this little project that the shop won’t share! You can call it a little ‘behind the scenes’ action.

Defined Designs Pillow Launch

The shop will work as a set of carefully curated collections. Each collection of pillows is curated for mixing and matching. Each collection will also be different. Once these fabrics are gone, they might not be available again. If all goes well, new collections will follow after the first sells out. And of course, I’m always open to custom orders!

What to expect:

  • Quality – All of my pillows are handmade, I’ve fine tuned my sewing techniques over the past few years… and I’m a perfectionist if that helps!
  • The Defined Designs Signature – My signature blue zippers add a little bit of flair to each of my pillows.
  • They’re Interchangeable – Having a zipper on a pillow gives you the ability to invest in a down/ feather pillow insert and change up the cover whenever you want.
  • Collections – Each new collection will have a new set of colors and patterns. I’m excited to help mix, match, and pair for your home with each new collection.
  • Budget Friendly – We don’t always have the budget to go buy 4 new pillows all at once… especially when we REALLY, REALLY want to. I’ve created my etsy listings with the option to purchase just the cover or with the pillow insert. The majority of the pillow collections will stay under $50 per pillow range. Trust me when I say that pillows can get expensive and this collection concept I’ve come up with will help me keep your prices down!!

Defined Designs Pillow Launch Defined Designs Pillow Launch

Photos by Paige Winn Photo

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xx, Emma

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