Tile Files: Classic White Subway Tile

Tile Files

I’m so excited to start this little series with you guys, sharing my favorite types, colors, and inspiration for all things tile. If there’s one thing I notice everywhere I go- it’s tile. Almost every restaurant, bar, office that you go to you’ll notice there’s most likely some kind of tile. It’s like when you buy a new car and everywhere you go you start to see that same car brand EVERYWHERE… has that ever happened to you? Well, I bet you’ll start noticing today’s tile a lot more after reading this post!

Subway tile has gotten very popular recently. It also has a pretty cool history behind it too! The iconic 3″ x 6″ white subway tile has been around since it’s debut in New York’s subway system in the early 1900’s. Hence the name, subway tile. You’ll most commonly find it with matching white grout or a black/ charcoal gray grout color to contrast a little. Today I’m sharing a mix of both! (I love this article that’s filled with info about subway tiles too!)

Tile Files Subway Tile

1.) Room: Bathroom

  • Why I love this: Floor to ceiling tile frames the bathtub to look more high end // Source

2.) Room: Kitchen

  • Why I love this: Open shelving helps focus on the subway tile // Source

3.) Room: Bathroom

  • Why I love this: Gold accents and black grout creates a unique look // Source

4.) Room: Laundry

  • Why I love this: Light wood tones and white subway tile makes for a fun, modern look // Source

5.) Room: Kitchen

  • Why I love this: This custom, fully tiles hood vent is to die for! // Source

6.) Room: Bathroom

  • Why I love this: The mirror and vanity paired with the subway tile bring it back to it’s iconic time, very NY subway chic // Source

7.) Room: Bathroom

  • Why I love this: Fully tiled bathroom with dark black accents create a chic, masculine bathroom // Source


xx, Emma

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