Complete How To Guides for Every Aspect of your Home

I get a lot of questions regarding how to do things around the house and where to shop for certain items. Like what stores are best for curtains or where do I get the best lamps and rugs for an affordable price? Each year that I’ve been writing this little blog, I try to find new ways to help share my tips and tricks of the trade with you so you can have the home that fits your style and doesn’t break the bank. This year I’m going to be bringing you monthly posts to assist with just that!

The three most popular questions I get are about curtains, gallery walls and bar stools. Without a doubt. Where do I find the best curtains? How do I create a gallery wall? Can I put a gallery wall here? And… I think I need barstools for my apartment but I don’t know where to start.

Fall Decor Tips

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If you’ve asked yourself (or me!) one of these questions before, then this series is for you! I’ve decided to help you piece together your home & answer some of your most popular questions with a monthly how-to guide for everything in your home. This guide will come together overtime, but don’t worry- it’ll be worth the wait! I’ve compiled the list of all of the how to guides that have been posted here in this list… and of course, if there’s anything I’m missing or that you want to know that isn’t on the list, feel free to email me at!


JANUARY 2017 | Window Treatments
FEBRUARY 2017 | Gallery Walls & Artwork
MARCH 2017 | Pillows
APRIL 2017 | Plants | additional post
JUNE 2017 | Lamps
JULY 2017 | Bar Cart Essentials
OCTOBER 2017 | Layering Rugs


JANUARY 2018Barstools


I’ve had a variety of requests from readers on upcoming how to guides, so here’s the list of what I’m working on and what will be coming to the blog soon. I love hearing from you guys so please comment or message me to let me know what you want to see!

  • Buying a sofa online
  • Pantry Organization
  • Coffee Tables
  • Buying the right size rug
  • Mix & Match dining sets
  • The best ways to hang artwork above your bed

Which how to guide are you excited to learn about!?

xx, Emma

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