3 Books to Bring into the New Year

The beginning of the new year is usually all about resolutions. Everyone is posting on social media about what they’re planning to do this year, joining gym memberships and remembering their resolutions from last year that they did or did not achieve. Whatever your 2017 resolution tactic, we’ve all got one. One of my resolutions… and yes, it was also sort of a resolution last year has to do with books. There’s a little detail behind each, but I’m bringing 3 books into 2017 with me and each of them for a different reason.

3 Books for 2017

2017 Resolution: Read more, Reflect more, and Stay Organized!

1. The Magnolia Story

I always tell myself I want to read more. However, I love to keep busy and I’m always doing something that causes me to never have the time I would prefer to just sit down and read a book. Plain and simple, right? The first book on my list this year is The Magnolia Story. I absolutely LOVE Chip and Joanna Gaines, not only for their hit TV show Fixer Upper, but they have created an empire in the design world and they’re so genuine and humble through it all.
The Magnolia Story 2017 The Magnolia Story 2017

2. 52 Lists for Happiness

I got this book for my mom for Christmas this year (it was also on my gift guide for her) & I loved it so much that I have one for myself on order. I love the idea of taking a little time each week to just sit down with this journal and reflect on life. This book makes you really think about the little things in life that provoke happiness and I love everything about it. It’s a must have!
52 Lists Book for 2017 52 Lists Book for 2017 52 Lists Book for 2017

3. Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark

Ya’ll this planner is everything! First of all, I love planners. I’ve purchased so many different planners over the years in hopes to stay organized and I just haven’t found that perfect planner that fits my lifestyle. I have a full time job, I blog here, and I also run the social media for a company in Boston, MA. I’ve got a lot going on so you can imagine how having a planner is helpful to keep me organized. The Purposeful planner (17 month weekly version) is the holy grail of planners. I’m sharing a photo of how the week looks below, I absolutely love how the weeks are set up from left to right so I can keep my week straight and manage my time throughout the week. I can even keep track of drinking water and meals for each night, I wasn’t kidding when I said this was perfect – this thing goes everywhere with me!

Purposeful Planner 2017 Purposeful Planner Page Detail


What books are you bringing into 2017 with you??



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