My Christmas Tree

Happy December! Where is the time going? I swear just yesterday I was saying ‘happy summer’ and here we are – Christmas time. I love decorating around the house for the holidays, there’s decorations for almost every corner of your house these days, but the one thing that’s always the best to decorate is the tree. I’m so excited to share my tree with you this year. Click through and check it out!

Christmas Tree Decor Christmas Tree Decor Christmas Tree Decor Christmas Tree Decor Christmas Tree Decor Christmas Tree Decor

Growing up my dad and I always tackled the lights and my mom and I tackled the ornaments. We always split it up that way, but it was always a team effort. I guess you could say it was a little tradition. While traditions have changed a little now that I’m out of the house, I still love decorating the tree each year. My top priority is always the tree. And since everyone has different traditions, I’d love to hear yours! What was a holiday tradition around your house growing up??

P.S… This tree is only $30!! It’s such a great deal that almost all of them are gone! Check out to see if there’s one in stock near you, here.



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