CMA Awards vs. Interiors

You might have seen the CMA Awards this week on TV. It was their 50th anniversary of the awards and they didn’t hold anything back putting together this year’s show. I love country music and the CMA Awards are definitely one of my favorite awards shows! I’ve gathered a few of my favorite red carpet looks from the show for today’s post. Click through to see how they match up!

There’s been such a good response on my past Oscars vs. Interiors posts where I match beautiful red carpet looks to their interior twins. Pulling these past looks together was so much fun that I just had to try it out for the CMAs. I can’t wait for awards season to start so I can share more of these red carpet doppelgängers! But for now – join me in looking through some of my favorite looks from the CMA Awards red carpet. How do you think these red carpet styles add up to their interiors?

Leading Ladies:

Carrie Underwood CMAs interiors Kelsea Ballerini CMAs Interiors Maren Morris CMAs Interiors

Perfect Pairs:

I also tried my hand at some of the hottest couples of the night. Not only do these couples (and a BFF duo) look so beautifully styled, but their interior doppelgängers  mimic the outfits so perfectly.Tim and Faith CMAs Interiors Thomas Rhet CMAs Interiors  Maddie and Tae CMAs Interiors

Carrie Underwood, Interior // Kelsea Ballerina, Interior // Maren Morris, Interior // Tim & Faith, Interior // Thomas Rhett & Lauren, Interior // Maddie & Tae, Interior

All red carpet images are via Entertainment Weekly

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