Wensley Drive Dining Room

Alright this is the last part of the final reveal for the Charlotte home renovation that I’ve been sharing! This entire design from start to finish has been so much fun to be a part of. I adore this house and my clients, and I’m so happy to be sharing today’s post with you! Click though to check out the last part – the dining room!

Part two to yesterday’s post is all about the dining room. You can catch yesterday’s post here.

The dining room really didn’t need much, just to be more defined as it’s own space. We rotated the dining table to fit within the footprint of the room a little better. The additional items we brought in were the rug, curtains, and a custom painting by yours truly! Creating your own artwork is a great way to stay within budget without skimping on the size of your artwork!

Since the living room and dining room are one giant space, I wanted to keep the two spaces separate yet cohesive. The two main pieces that really helped achieve that was the rug in the dining room and the different curtains. First, the rug frames the dining area making it it’s own space on the floor. And second, the different patterned curtains in each room really help define each space as well. (Remembering to keep the same curtain rods throughout the space is the key!)

Room Reveal Custom Art Room Reveal Fireplace Room Reveal Bar Cart Room Reveal Abstract Art Room Reveal Curtain Details

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