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If there’s something you need to know about designers – it’s that they’re never satisfied with their own home. And let me tell you, I’m always rearranging things and wanting to switch things up around the apartment. I know I always say that, but the struggle is real. I’m thinking my next project will be to revamp my ‘office space’ aka a corner of my bedroom that I slapped a desk in when I moved in a year ago. I’ve gathered a two different styles that I LOVE but can’t seem to choose between. Click through to see what’s on my mind!

I’ve got a serious style dilemma here. When I think about my desk and office space I’m so torn between wanting a clean and clutter free space or a super creative environment. The advantage to having a clutter free space is mainly because my office corner is right next to my bathroom and when I have guests over it’s the first thing they see. Clutter free means I can spread out each time I use it and then clean it up easily and have it always look nice when it’s not in use. Now on the flip side, having a creative environment would draw me in personally and make me want to sit down and use the space all the time. This also means I would want items showing; my blog calendar, notebooks, and decor items that inspire me. But which one do I choose? Like I said before.. the struggle is real.

What are your thoughts on my office space options? office space inspirationoffice space inspiration

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