Friday Favorites Vol 8

Happy Friday Y’all! We’re really in the heart of summer right now especially since it’s going to be triple digit weather this weekend. If I even make it out of my air conditioned apartment, you can bet I’m not leaving without these in tow & the only place I’m going is the pool. Speaking of summer, I’m all over the indoor/outdoor patio trend thats all over the place right now. It’s all about making your patio feel like your kitchen or living room and bringing the comfort of indoors – outside. Today I’m sharing my favorite inspiration for indoor/outdoor patio bars!

  1. I love this coastal/ modern bar area – it’s under a complete covering which is great for anyone in the south like me! I also lovee those funky modern bar stools.
  2. Mountain house vibe fit for entertaining! Can we talk about those mountain views?
  3. A little more on the contemporary side but it still makes the top of my list – This one looks like it’s under it’s own pavillion covering taking a cabana to a whole new level.
  4. Rustic vibes straight to my heart – Swoon! I love the mixing of textures thats going on here, Can I move in?
  5. This one is so simple and amazing all in one. This looks so realistic and easy to achieve (in real life) it gives you hope that with a little handiwork, DIY, and good ole’ imagination that you could have this in your home! Am I Right?
  6. Perfect Beach house bar here – I’m ready for a vacation! Who’s with me?
  7. Here’s another perfect entertaining space that helps spread a little hope by being DIY-friendly! I would love this one in my future home.. A little patio getaway perfectly designed!
  8. This modern rustic indoor/outdoor space is perfect for entertaining large parties with both bar seating and a dining table. Dinner party ready!

Which indoor/outdoor space is your favorite?

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