Friday Favorites Vol 7

I’m back with another round of Friday Favorites! Volume 7 brings my love for faux greenery, I know I know I’ve been talking about it a lot lately – Have I convinced you yet? Do you remember my faux terrarium post? If not, today’s the day that you join me and it’s just in time to bring some life to your home or office for summer! Click through to get all the details on these summer bright and happy homes!

  1. Oversized is in. I’m all for adding a plant or two to your tablescape for upcoming entertaining but how about this bad boy??
  2. I love this one.. I can’t get over the trend to put greenery (faux or real) in a fun basket rather than those clay pots. Not to mention this one is also super easy to do on your own!
  3. Growing up, you could always find plants on the window sill above the kitchen sink in my parents house. It’s easily the best place to keep live plants considering you’ll always remember to water them – this one gives me a little nostalgia and I love it!
  4. This plant stand is definitely on my list of things to buy this summer. How cute is it to have a mid-sized plant and have it sitting pretty on this adorable plant stand? Not to mention I love the white/wood mixture.
  5. Adding faux greenery to a nursery is also a great way to brighten up the space — just make sure you put it high up or in a basket with taller sides so your little one doesn’t make a mess out of it!
  6. Staging bookshelves with greenery is a great way to incoroprate a little bit of life into something that can sometimes look very sterile. Sometimes you might prefer your bookshelves to look a little more real life than those that can be too perfect and adding greenery is a fool proof way to create that ‘real life’ look.
  7. If you’ve got an oversized plant or want to incorporate one in your home, try playing with the negative space to make it work — I love how this plant looks like its falling over but it’s using the negative space on the wall to anchor it.
  8. Again, here’s another fool proof way of using faux greenery in your home if you are nervous about styling it! Fill those bookshelves and scatter a few small plants or succulents, you cant go wrong.

How are you incorporating greenery into your home this summer?

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