Friday Favorites Vol 6

Happy Friday everyone! I’m officially out of commission with a broken foot so my busy self is going to be slowing down over the next 2 months… that just means more couch time for netflix and blogging, right? I’ve got some exciting things planned but before I jump into those, why not a little friday favorites to get back into the swing of things? I’m so obsessed with the boho trend right now so of course I’ve scoured pinterest for inspiration and picked my favorites. Click through to see what I’ve found!

friday favs vol 6

  1. First things first — can we talk about this bed? Swoon, I love everything about this four poster bed.
  2. At first glance this kitchen could go either way on the boho trend but once you add in the warm wood tones with a busy rug and these amazing leather stools, you’ve got yourself a boho chic kitchen.
  3. Blue is definitely one of those colors that’s hot and on trend right now. It’s all over the place. While I’ll never lose my love for anything and everything black… I’m loving this all blue bedroom with a boho twist.
  4. I give you, the holy grail of bathrooms. I could live in this bathtub. It’s not too perfect or overdone, it’s just right. Perfectly styled and curated to the trend.
  5. Mixing an eclectic, colorful gallery wall with that midcentury modern buffet… yep! It says boho to me!
  6. Again with the all blue room, I know but trust me on this one. Adding a pop of color with the rug anchors the movement to the floor, and those baskets hanging on the wall – yes please!
  7. Aztec and Black Paint, count me in! When I have my own house, you can bet there will be a perfectly curated black wall just like this one.
  8. And last but not least, this one proves that bigger is better – the oversized decor trend is here to stay! I love this sideboard with a great big oversized plant on top.

What is your favorite boho look?

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