3 Ways to Create a Small Space Dining Room

It’s that time of year again, graduation season is right around the corner and the job search is in full swing. We all know the next step after landing the job is the apartment search.. but let’s be real, that apartment you’re moving into and decided to call home for the next 12-15  months might not have all the luxury space and features you dream about. Whether it’s New York or Washington DC, I’ve got you covered with all things small space.

So you’re moving into a small apartment and need to get creative with your furniture. Living in a world where everything and everyone are so mobile, the dining room is usually the forgotten space. You’d rather sit on the couch and eat dinner while watching Netflix or lay in your bed and scroll through Facebook. I’ve broken down the dining room essentials and here are 3 easy ways you can create a small space dining room in your new apartment.

 small space apartment dining small space apartment dining small space apartment dining

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main image via One Kind Design

Which dining room would work in your small space?

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