How to Create a Faux Terrarium for Spring

Hello Hello, I’m back from a little hiatus I took due to my laptop getting fixed up and I’m so excited for these warmer months to finally be here. Not only is the weather warming up but the days stay lighter, longer (hallelujah) and who’s ready for patio season?? I know I am! I’m also ready to take part in one of spring’s hottest decor trends right now, plants! Greenery is very on trend whether it’s real or fake – it really brightens up a space. Click through to see how I created this pretty faux terrarium for spring.

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Faux plants have always been very touch and go on the trend list ever since I can remember. We were always taught in design school that indoor plants are a no-go because they’re just space fillers. While that tends to be very true, I’m a true believer that trends are ever changing. I mean, look at the gold trend… I don’t think that one’s going away anytime soon!

Two plants on the smaller scale that I’m on board for are succulents and air plants. They’re so pretty no matter what they’re in or where they are (insert heart eyed emoji here) This little faux terrarium ensemble I’ve created would be perfect in your home or even at the office and the best part, no water necessary! Here’s how it’s done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill your terrarium container with your pebbles. (I love this one)
  2. Arrange your faux plants however you like by sticking the stems into the pebbles.
  3. Add more pebbles if needed, I needed a handful more to keep my plants in place.

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gold geo terrarium // faux succulent // faux air plant // white river stones

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