Friday Favorites Vol 3

There are so many popular trends right now. Between fashion and home decor, most of the time the best trends are interchangeable. I’ve always loved an all neutral color palette, personally I think you can’t go wrong with neutrals and whites. More recently, I’ve been obsessed with the natural home decor trend and I’m hooked on finding little accents and items here and there that have a rustic or natural wood feel to them. For today’s Friday Favorites, I’ve gathered the best of the best inspiration for mixing a neutral and natural palette together in your home.

If you’re curious about my neutral and natural obsession, I’ve shared both my master bedroom inspiration, and  items I’ve picked up while shopping on instagram recently. The key to mixing neutrals and naturals in your home is all about finding the balance. It’s important not to go overboard with one or the other and overwhelm the eye. With neutrals – add in textures to create cozy environment, and with naturals – mix and match finishes and textures to break up the wood tones so it’s not all matchy, matchy. I know that might sound difficult but let’s go over the friday favorites I’ve picked out, shall we?

  1. Starting with a neutral palette and adding in layers of natural elements such as baskets and trays is a great idea. Adding a pop of greenery for color with a live plant and the trendy banana leaf print has paradise written all over it.
  2. Switching the base and starting with natural wood shelves is also an option, building the decor on a neutral palette can have it’s positives because it’s easy to change out decor as you go.
  3. This dining room palette is all about a light neutral look. The natural elements are brought in with a bleached wood table and a light woven chandelier. There’s tons of texture here too but it’s subtle so it keeps with the light neutrals.
  4. Texture, Texture, Texture.. this living room is filled with textured neutrals. The natural elements are harder to find here using different materials instead of your typical wood finishes – a natural bone tray and a worn leather couch add the natural flair this space needs. (home tour)
  5. This living room has a visual split – natural on the bottom half of the room and neutrals on the top half of the room. White walls, curtains, and a dainty gold chandelier all combine to create the neutrals. And the wood plank floors, reclaimed wooden tables, and layering jute and aztec rugs combine to create the natural elements.
  6. The naturals in this light and bright desk space are the bold, aztec patterns in the art and pillows. This aztec print brings a natural feel keeping with the texture and movement that most textiles and woven materials have. (DIY)
  7. White cabinets are an obvious neural in this beautiful kitchen, but the natural butcher block island top and woven blinds are an unexpected twist.
  8. Anchoring the space with a the natural shelves are shown here, again. A basket filled with bright white towels is a cute and quirky way to bring in the neutrals. (DIY)

How do you feel about mixing neutrals and naturals now?

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  1. Samantha Peterson
    February 10, 2016 / 9:44 PM

    Thank you for sharing a snap of my living room!! Great round up!

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