Friday Favorites Vol 1

Some of you may have noticed that Defined Designs got a teeny tiny little update recently. Well, with 2016 I figured it was time for an update, so we’ve got a new website design…. new year, new me am i right? With that, comes a revamped version of my Friday Favorites series! I’ve decided to include different things with the friday favorites like themes that are on trend or DIY’s I’ve found so your weekly dose of inspiration never gets old. I know we all probably have a pinterest account but hey, sometimes you need a helping hand or wouldn’t have seen something by just scrolling through your feed. Let’s get started with Volume 1 – Shall we?

  1. This living room is the perfect mix of bold pops of color and light neutrals. (home tour)
  2. This white living room is beautiful with an angled fireplace and this abstract art above it. (home tour)
  3. I posted this neutral bedroom earlier this week on my instagram and I can’t get enough of it. (home tour)
  4. This rustic farmhouse bathroom has a classic combination of colors and textures. This DIY vanity light looks so simple to create! (DIY)
  5. I love this bright pop of color created by a series of abstract paintings.
  6. You had me at ‘built-in wine shelf‘ this is being added to my list of things to have in a dream home.
  7. A perfectly designed neutral living room.
  8. Using home decor objects and trinkets for chic jewelry organizing – see the details here.
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