Gold Home Decor Wish List

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted a Moodboard Monday on the blog in a while. I haven’t given it up completely, I’ve just made a little change and moved it over to my Instagram! This week’s Moodboard Monday instagram created a little wish-list envy with me. I’m loving everything gold right now and if  it’s within arms reach and won’t break my bank account, you can bet I’m grabbing it.

Gold Accessories Wish List Wednesday

Just this week I posted a Moodboard Monday instagram featuring a bunch of adorable gold accessories. While a bunch of the products were high end designer and might end up breaking the bank… I’ve gathered a few of my favorite budget friendly gold home decor products. These bad boys won’t break the bank, and they’ll help you jump right on the gold trend bandwagon. Already on the gold trend? Why not add some more to that collection. Am I right? I’ve also included the gold wishbones that were so popular on my instagram! I want them so badly… should I go for it?

Click any of the products below to start shopping!

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