DIY Marble Coasters

I’m so excited to share this post with you all today! These DIY marble coasters are tried and true, the supplies are simple, and also easy to do! What more could you ask for? And it would be pretty cool to have hand made coasters for your next dinner party or cocktail hour. Today, I’m walking you through the steps to create these and even sharing some hints to things I noticed and why things worked along the way. P.S. these would be a great gift as well!

Marble Coaster DIY Supplies

What you need:

Coasters – 3″ x 3″ plain white tiles, I got mine at Lowes. (make sure you get a few extra for practice!)

Nail Polish – Color of your choice, I wanted to get a marble look so I chose gray.

Felt Pads – These are the protective feet you get for your furniture. I got mine at Lowes also!

Tupperware – Make sure it’s a little bit bigger than the tile, a shallow container will be best. (I used sandwich size!


Gold paint or Paint pen

Easy Marble Coaster DIY

Alright I hope you’re ready to get started! Just as a little disclaimer, this whole project was a little trial and error for me. If you find that something isn’t working for you, try something different and see if it’s better. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Learning new things and new ways to do something is half the battle of a DIY! And of course, feeling accomplished with your final product is the best part – so try not to get frustrated and stick it out! Here’s how it works:

1. Fill your tupperware about halfway with warm water (hint: the warm water will help keep the nail polish from drying too quickly so make sure it’s warm or hot!)

2. Start by dripping nail polish into the warm water. This might take a few tries to know how lightly you have to drip it so it sits on top of the water. You will notice that the nail polish will start to create a puddle design each time you drip it into the water. (hint: this is where you can use your toothpicks to make a design in the nail polish if you choose. Make sure to do this quickly because the polish will start to dry on top of the water)

3. Once you have a desired pattern on the water, you can take your tile and dip it in the water face down. When you take the tile out, the nail polish design will be transferred onto the tile! (hint: you will need to find a “scooping” method to get the tile out of the water and not ruin or smudge the polish design. This took me a few tries but you’ll get the hang of it!)

4. Lay out your wet coasters on a paper towel and let them air dry. Preferably overnight so they set completely! Don’t worry if you notice little air bubbles in the polish, they will dry out. The more you touch the design, the more it will move around – So I recommend just leaving it. (trust me…)

5. After your coasters are completely dry, you can go back through and paint the edges of the tiles to finish the look. (I used gold paint, but I really wish I had a paint pen handy – SO MUCH EASIER)

Marble Coaster DIY SuppliesMarble Coaster DIYMarble Coaster DIYMarble Coaster DIYMarble Coaster DIY

Photos by Ariana Claire

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