The Perfect Gift Basket for Wedding Season

It’s wedding season and your friends are getting engaged and married. It’s happening all around you, your calendar is full of parties and celebrations that lead up to the big day. But let’s face it.. Sometimes buying a gift off of the wedding registry just seems a little boring and you want to think outside of the box. How about a gift basket? What if I told you I have pulled together the perfect gift basket for wedding season? Well let’s make you the talk of the gift table!

This simple little basket below can be transformed into the most perfect Moscow Mule for two gift basket in just a few short minutes. A great and unique gift for any wedding occasion. Gather your supplies, pick out a basket, some gift stuffing, and you’re set to go! Don’t forget a card! Hint: Write this perfect Moscow Mule recipe in your card so the bride & groom know how to make them!

Moscow Mule Gift BasketWhat you need to make a Moscow Mule Gift Basket

What you need:

Basket // Newspaper // Gift Stuffing // Copper Mugs // Jigger Measurement Tool // Vodka // Lime Juice // Ginger Beer // Fresh Limes

First things first, Start by stuffing your basket with crumpled newspaper. This will fill the space up so your items will sit nicely on the top layer of gift stuffing. {I got mine at Michaels} Next, work on arranging the items in the basket. A small bottle of vodka fits perfectly & will be sure to get them started with their Moscow Mules. As for copper mugs, they are so popular right now that you are bound to find them just about anywhere. I love these simple mugs, but these “His & Hers” mugs are perfect for the future bride and groom! Lastly, top the basket with fresh limes scattered throughout.

Moscow Mule Gift Basket ItemsMoscow Mule Gift Basket VodkaMoscow Mule Gift Basket Where to StartMoscow Mule Gift Basket How to

Moscow Mule Gift Basket Overview

Moscow Mule Gift Basket Final

Photos by Ariana Clare // Huge thanks to District Flats in Charlotte for letting me use their beautiful space! {I’m still swooning over that tile!}

Love this idea? Pin the image below for easy access to this great gift basket idea!

Moscow Mule Gift Basket Pin

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