Hosting a Bachelor Viewing Party

hosting a bachelor viewing party

Every Monday night you gather with your friends in front of the TV to binge in your favorite guilty pleasure along with every other female with a trashy tv obsession. Already know what I’m talking about? Thought so. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette on ABC is Americas favorite guilty pleasure. When we aren’t drooling over the guy {farmer Chris, yes please!}, gossiping about the girl’s dresses for the rose ceremony and talking about who’s the most psychotic on the show, we’re also crammed on the couch with a bottle of wine and a spread of food to indulge in throughout the show. {just admit it, we all do it..}
It’s like the Victorias Secret Fashion show but it’s even better. And I mean every Monday better.. If you’re not on top of your viewing party game yet there’s no need to worry. Call up your friends, make a Facebook event, start an obnoxious group text and hit the store. I see tons of baked brie, cheese platters, and fancy drinks in your future! Here’s ten items you’ll need to host your own fancy shmancy Bachelor/ Bachelorette viewing party:
1. Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes – for the obvious
2. Drink Napkins – fancy or funny, your preference
3. Drink Coasters – glitter and monograms encouraged
4. Tray – fill that baby up with drinks or snacks and center it on your coffee table to start off the party
5. Snack bowls – for the munchies; chips, pretzels, crackers, etc.
6. Cheese platter/ server – you know you want some cheese with that wine…
7. Cheese Knives – for the cheese
8. Condiment & Dip Platter – hummus, salsa, spinach artichoke dip… yum
9. Serving Spoons – so the dips aren’t too messy
10. Cake Stand – sweets, sugar… no one is on a diet when it’s the Bachelor!

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